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Updated t-shirt | ITPMAN Triathlon

I previously posted some design work I did for this year’s 5th annual ITPMAN Triathlon.  While the poster design went to print, the t-shirt went through a few more revisions before hitting the presses.  You’ll find the final design below.

Poster art, t-shirt layout | ITPMAN Triathlon

I’ve completed some more work for the ITP Foundation (previously I’d put together this flash animation for their web banner).  This time I’ve designed the poster for the Foundation’s 5th annual ITPMAN triathlon (Saturday, Sept 26, 2009 – Weed Beach, Darien, CT). LARGER!!!!@*@!!! Also, used the same graphic art for the event’s t-shirt design, below.

Flash Animation | ITP Foundation

Designed this bit of flash animation for the ITP Foundation.