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Happy Holidays

Bit late in posting this – Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. Here’s hoping 2010 beats the heck out of 2009. Not holding my breath though… Sketched in pencil, painted in watercolor, finished and tweaked in Painter and Photoshop. And a detail…

metamorphosis by moonlight – REDUX

I really thought this was done… but I was wrong. While I really loved the rendering in the original version, stepping back for a few days I realized that I lost the “story” somewhere along the way. Hey, it happens. Here’s the new version, which I think does a much better job of conveying the […]

metamorphosis by moonlight

This is another scene from my story The Reaper King (which incidentally has hit a major road block around the 100-page mark…). I’m calling this one “metamorphosis by moonlight.” I really like this one. I don’t use watercolors, but it has a watercolor-feel to me… if that makes sense. Click to enlarge. And… EMBIGGENED!

Gaia, or, bringing the portfolio up to snuff

It recently occurred to me that I have a lot of older work that, while amateurish to my eyes in the rearview mirror, showed a lot of potential, and I wondered, to myself, if there were some salvageable concepts in the lot.  Turns out, there are quite a few, and I’m having some fun revisiting […]


I put some sweat into this one.  I hope it shows. EMBIGGEN!

Faer Game

Our theme this week appears to be revisions. If you’ve browsed around the site a bit, you’ll be familiar with the illustration below. It’s a scene from Chapter Two of a bit of children’s/YA fiction I’m working on.  I was initially quite pleased with it, but the longer I let it sit, the more its […]


A while back I thought this was finished. Thank goodness I came to my senses, in no small part to some valuable critique over on ConceptArt.org.  I fought a lot of battles with the composition on this one.  Ultimately I ended up experimenting with panels and I ended up really really liking them – Hope […]

winged terrors

Click to enlarge.

hobgoblin WIP

In the past I haven’t posted any WIPs (works-in-progress) here…but there’s a first time for everything. Below her, tiny black dots were emerging from the stone fortress, winged beasts leaving their roosts in pursuit of the escaped child. They screeched, and cawed, and violently gnawed on the rusted bits wedged between their dagger-filled jaws, gagging […]

maleficent intent

A piercing shriek split though the noise of gunfire and made the feathers on Quinn’s nape quiver. She knew the voice at once, and craning her neck, her eyes confirmed the sinking feeling in her stomach. His molted boa seemed to have consumed his body, covering his legs and torso in ugly, bile-colored feathers. Wings […]

fairies in fairie

UPDATE: I’ve revised this one.  New version here. Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.

danse macabre

Click to enlarge. The moon seemed full enough to burst, deliciously bloated like the belly of a chortling old man. Distant suns were burning like votive candles hung from rusted eye-hooks, infinitely high; while down below, the breeze rustled hair-thin grass blades, noiselessly to all but the smallest of eardrums, to whom the hum in […]


On her first day of school the other toddlers had teased her mercilessly because her eyes were golden and feline, and her hair was white like a snowy fleece, and it cascaded in intricate coils and spirals that seemed to hang suspended from their roots like satellites of curls straining to escape gravity’s pull. Those […]


Click to enlarge.

floating top hat

a pair of maroons…could find their way into a project of mine… Click to enlarge.

dee & dum

i just want to get these shoes home so i can wear them. Click to enlarge.


he’s bad, you know. Click to enlarge.