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Oil Painting // After Babe Ruth 1933 Goudey Baseball Card

My rendition of one of Babe Ruth’s 1933 Goudey Baseball Cards (There are four in the set). Oil on canvas board.

Yeti! I am the Yeti!

or, The Whale

Came here to post an update on an old piece, only to discover that I’d never posted the original piece in the first place.  As part of a Rivalries insert set in the 2010 release of Topps Tribute Baseball, I painted a depiction of Captain Ahab locked in battle with his great white nemesis.  The […]

The Mick

1953 Topps Baseball – The standard for Hero worship by any measure.  The set featured individual oil paintings by artist Gerry Dvorak.  Here’s my copy – also in oil.

Preview | Topps National Chicle Baseball

In January, I teased some of my work on Topps’ upcoming 2010 National Chicle Baseball trading card set.  Today, I’m able to show you a bit more, as all of the artwork below has already been teased or previewed in one form or another.  Below, Jon Lester, Adam Jones, Gordon Beckham, Evan Longoria, Kevin Richardson […]

Sketch cards | Topps Baseball

I’m new to the world of trading card collectors but I’m trying to stay ahead of the learning curve.  If you happen to be a collector, then you’re no doubt familiar with Topps Redemptions, a program wherein a lucky collector can pull a “winning” card and redeem it for various prizes, including autographed memorabilia and […]

blue in the face

Think I liked Avatar much? Below, some good ol’ fashion photo manipulation. My wife and I… if we were Na’vi.

2010 Topps National Chicle Baseball

I’m very proud to be a part of the upcoming all-painting 2010 National Chicle baseball trading card set from the Topps Company. On Friday, Topps gave Beckett Media a sneak peak at some of the cards from the set, including my artwork for the Gordon Beckham/ Evan Longoria Dual Autograph card (right). In truth, neither […]

Happy Holidays

Bit late in posting this – Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. Here’s hoping 2010 beats the heck out of 2009. Not holding my breath though… Sketched in pencil, painted in watercolor, finished and tweaked in Painter and Photoshop. And a detail…

Logo design | Sirana Partners

Sirana Partners is a New York based commercial real estate investment and advisory firm in the process of opening its doors for business.  Below, the logo I designed for the firm, as well as a web banner designed for the impending launch of their web site (Coming Soon). Click to enlarge. Click to enlarge.

Updated t-shirt | ITPMAN Triathlon

I previously posted some design work I did for this year’s 5th annual ITPMAN Triathlon.  While the poster design went to print, the t-shirt went through a few more revisions before hitting the presses.  You’ll find the final design below.

metamorphosis by moonlight – REDUX

I really thought this was done… but I was wrong. While I really loved the rendering in the original version, stepping back for a few days I realized that I lost the “story” somewhere along the way. Hey, it happens. Here’s the new version, which I think does a much better job of conveying the […]

metamorphosis by moonlight

This is another scene from my story The Reaper King (which incidentally has hit a major road block around the 100-page mark…). I’m calling this one “metamorphosis by moonlight.” I really like this one. I don’t use watercolors, but it has a watercolor-feel to me… if that makes sense. Click to enlarge. And… EMBIGGENED!

Gaia, or, bringing the portfolio up to snuff

It recently occurred to me that I have a lot of older work that, while amateurish to my eyes in the rearview mirror, showed a lot of potential, and I wondered, to myself, if there were some salvageable concepts in the lot.  Turns out, there are quite a few, and I’m having some fun revisiting […]

This one’s for Lou Dobbs…

Click to enlarge.

Poster art, t-shirt layout | ITPMAN Triathlon

I’ve completed some more work for the ITP Foundation (previously I’d put together this flash animation for their web banner).  This time I’ve designed the poster for the Foundation’s 5th annual ITPMAN triathlon (Saturday, Sept 26, 2009 – Weed Beach, Darien, CT). LARGER!!!!@*@!!! Also, used the same graphic art for the event’s t-shirt design, below.


I put some sweat into this one.  I hope it shows. EMBIGGEN!


this character made a prior appearance in an illustration i did.  welcome back, kotter. Click to enlarge.

Hugo Awards Logo Contest

So in case you’re unawares, the World Science Fiction Society is holding a contest to design the official logo for The Hugo Award.  In there own words: “Although the rocket atop the Hugo Award has been one of the most visible signs of excellence in science fiction and fantasy for more than fifty years, there […]


Did this one on spec. The task was to recreate this 1935 trading card featuring former football player Bronko Nagurski, see right. As usual, sketched in pencil, scanned and painted in Photoshop.  I’m happy with the way it turned out. It’s a shame that things didn’t work out with the client. Click to enlarge.

Painting with condiments

This sketch is about 3-4 years old, but I only just rediscovered it. If I remember correctly, it was inspired by a magazine cover of Rachel Weisz, though damned if I can find it now. I remember, in the absence of any art supplies (I was staying with my mother at the time), it seemed […]

Alfred Julius

Worked this in Photoshop during the afternoon.  I had posted the sketch a couple weeks back.

DWright Likes my Art

Well, I teased it on Tuesday, and here it is. My darling wife was able to take part in a meet & greet with Mets third baseman David Wright, and I finished a special portrait for the occasion. Check out the gallery below for photos from the event. For those keeping score at home, this […]


Much excitement in Jeffville today.  Just a short two months after my brush with Neil Gaiman, I was able to get another of my portraits signed by the subject, in this instance, Mets third baseman David Wright.  No, I didn’t get to meet David myself, but my wife was able to take part in a meet & […]

“I look rugged.”

Sketch of my grandpa. It’s not a perfect likeness… but that’s why they call them sketches. When I have some time, I might paint this. Click to enlarge.

Web Banner Design

Click to enlarge. Recently completed this graphic for a Health Literacy Lab.  They’re currently re-designing their web site and this banner will be featured in the site’s header.  We went through a few variations on the text.  The graphic at top is the one the client ultimately chose, while below are a couple of other […]

Flash Animation | ITP Foundation

Designed this bit of flash animation for the ITP Foundation.

Faer Game

Our theme this week appears to be revisions. If you’ve browsed around the site a bit, you’ll be familiar with the illustration below. It’s a scene from Chapter Two of a bit of children’s/YA fiction I’m working on.  I was initially quite pleased with it, but the longer I let it sit, the more its […]