or, The Whale

Came here to post an update on an old piece, only to discover that I’d never posted the original piece in the first place.  As part of a Rivalries insert set in the 2010 release of Topps Tribute Baseball, I painted a depiction of Captain Ahab locked in battle with his great white nemesis.  The company needed the image on a 24-hour around, but I was drawn to the concept and wasn’t ready to cut the umbilical just then.  I converted the composition into an oil painting, which I was content with for a period of time; however, I recently revisited the piece for a third and, hopefully, final time.  I’m increasingly finding that working in digital media and working in traditional media present different but equally frustrating limitations.  Lately I’m most satisfied with my results when melding the two.

The final:

The stages:

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