metamorphosis by moonlight

This is another scene from my story The Reaper King (which incidentally has hit a major road block around the 100-page mark…). I’m calling this one “metamorphosis by moonlight.” I really like this one. I don’t use watercolors, but it has a watercolor-feel to me… if that makes sense.

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Gaia, or, bringing the portfolio up to snuff

It recently occurred to me that I have a lot of older work that, while amateurish to my eyes in the rearview mirror, showed a lot of potential, and I wondered, to myself, if there were some salvageable concepts in the lot.  Turns out, there are quite a few, and I’m having some fun revisiting these old bits and polishing them up.  Added benefit: The portfolio thickens…

I forget the impetus for this one.  It’s probably long forgotten me as well.

Here’s the original, circa 2004.

And the new.  Click to embiggen.