Hugo Awards Logo Contest

So in case you’re unawares, the World Science Fiction Society is holding a contest to design the official logo for The Hugo Award.  In there own words:

“Although the rocket atop the Hugo Award has been one of the most visible signs of excellence in science fiction and fantasy for more than fifty years, there has never been an official logo to designate works as Hugo Award nominees or winners. The World Science Fiction Society now aims to change that by soliciting designs for such a logo, with the winning design to be the official logo suitable for use in the publishing and film/television industries.”

I probably would have jumped at the opportunity regardless of the circumstances, but when I saw that two of my favorite people, Neil Gaiman and Irene Gallo, are on the Judging Panel, it became an opportunity I couldn’t ignore.  You can learn more about the contest here, and find the submission guidelines here.

The deadline for entries passed on May 31st, and as we eagerly await the judges’ decision, you can view my submission below.




Did this one on spec.

The task was to recreate this 1935 trading card featuring former football player Bronko Nagurski, see right.

As usual, sketched in pencil, scanned and painted in Photoshop.  I’m happy with the way it turned out. It’s a shame that things didn’t work out with the client.

Click to enlarge.

Painting with condiments

This sketch is about 3-4 years old, but I only just rediscovered it. If I remember correctly, it was inspired by a magazine cover of Rachel Weisz, though damned if I can find it now. I remember, in the absence of any art supplies (I was staying with my mother at the time), it seemed a fine idea to raid the fridge and see what I could achieve with ketchup and mustard.  I believe white-out was employed for the highlights and I upped the saturation in Photoshop afterwards.  The whole thing made for a funky afternoon.

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