So, in case you missed it, as of September 6th 2008, I am a married man. Thank you, thank you. Please hold your applause.

Previously in this space I’ve shown off some of the design work I did for our “Save the Date” mailers, including the nifty ‘Z’-Tree that became an emblem of our wedding, and a symbol I continue to use in the design of this web site (hint: top left).

In the mad rush, however, I neglected to feature the actual invitations for the wedding, which were designed and constructed by Linda Pasca, a flexible and versatile designer based on the east end of Long Island.  You can check out her work at Pen & Paper Calligraphy Design. Linda was eager to ensure our invites had a personal touch, and I feel she was able to seamlessly incorporate my designs into her own artistic vision.  So if you’re reading, Linda, thanks so much!

Below is the invitation’s outer envelope.  My wife and I wax sealed each envelope by hand using a custom wax stamp made by

The Stamp:

Linda provided some beautiful calligraphy, as you can see from the front of the invite.  Yes, we’re invited to our own wedding.

The inside of the invitation is where my own design work features most prominently.  Our ‘Z’-Tree emblazons the slightly opaque vellum sheet that overlays the invite.  On the border of the invitation is a vine design that I created in keeping with the look and feel of our Tree.

Vellum up:

Vellum down:

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